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Choosing the Right Name for Your New Pet

choosing the right name for your new pet

Many families get a new pet for the holidays. Choosing the right animal for your family may have been an easy task, but choosing a name can be tricky. Here are some useful tips on how to choose a name for your new pet:

  1. Pick a name that is short and sweet. Your pet will be more likely to recognize their own name if you choose a name with one or two syllables.
  2. Avoid names that sound close to a command. For example, the name ‘Bo’ sounds close to ‘No’ and could confuse your pet.
  3. Wait a few days to study your new pet’s behavior before choosing a name. Once you get to know your pet’s personality, a name may come easier.
  4. Pick a name that will grow well with your pet. Choose a name that will be a good fit as your pet ages.