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How to Keep a Clean House with Cats

How To Keep A Clean House With Cats

Keeping your home clean with indoor pets can be a constant task! Here are some tips on how to keep up a clean house:

  1. Empty the litter box daily. Make it part of your morning or evening routine to clean out the litter box. This will help cut down on smell and bacteria in your home.
  2. Get high quality litter and litter box supplies. Though it may be more expensive to use high quality litter, it will make a big difference in how easily it is to clean and how well the smell is contained.
  3. Vacuum and dust often. Vacuuming and dusting often can help keep pet hair and danger at bay.
  4. Get your cat groomed by Aussie Pet Mobile. Our de-shedding treatment can drastically decrease the amount of hair your pet sheds in your home. Your cat will also be happier if they are clean and trimmed!